Adventure Awards Days

Adventure Awards Days is the international festival of adventure and exploration. Everything is about adventure: for who loves the outdoors and for those who want to make their life a unique adventure, for who thinks that beauty will save the world and for those who get excited in front of a dream. Far from the extreme sports and performance, passion is the philosophy behind this event, which leads us to live our free time intensely, or simply the pleasure of doing something out of the ordinary.


Adventure Awards Days 2016 program

Friday 30th of September

19.30 Opening Cocktail 20.30 Projection international film festival

Saturday 1st of October

Arco Rock Star – Day 1
  • 4 am: Night trekking with concert at dawn – Rifiugio Altissimo – Monte Baldo
  • 9 am: On a bike with BAM! 60km, 800+, gastronomic break (by the collective Pepecooter).
  • 15 pm: Bike ride Marocche di Dro + “Palestine” Yoga
  • 15 pm: Adam Ondra Exhibition – Pueblo a Massone
  • 8.30 pm: Video presentation and meeting with Adam Ondra, awarded Best Adventurer and Best Storyteller 2016.
Village-stage: open from 9am-7pm
  • 11am: Book presentation (Cazzaniga Library)
  • 12 pm: Outdoor kitchen workshop (Kunzi)
  • 3 pm: BAM! Meeting
  • 4 pm: Disability meeting – with 4 testimonials
  • 5 pm: Meeting with Adam Ondra
  • 6 pm: Meeting with explorers/travelers

Sunday 2nd of October

Arco Rock Star – day 2 Running Day
  • From 9am: Storytelling workshop (5 hours) made by Runlovers
  • From 9am: Memorial Daria Morandi – non competitive mountain run
  • 3 pm: Meeting with runners by Runlovers
  • 4 pm: Run with Runlovers
  • 2.30pm: Trekking to the Castle and to Arco’s Olivaia + yoga at Arco’s Arciduca Park (Lydia and Roberto)
  • 2.30pm: Bike ride > tour Tenno – Ballino – Canale – Refuge San Pietro (25 km, 1000+)
  • 3.30pm: Trekking  > Arciduca – Refuge San Pietro – Tenno – GT
  • 6.30pm: Concert at sunset with Remo Anzovino – Refuge San Pietro
Village-stage: open from 9am-7pm
  • 11am: meeting on nutrition
  • 12pm: Memorial Award
  • 3pm: Meeting with runners by Runlovers
  • 4pm: Garda bike
  • 5pm: Garda trekking
  • 18pm: film awards + Arco Rock Star photo contest awards

Monday 3rd of October

Outdoor photo workshop (from sunrise to sunset) – with Gianpaolo Calzà
  • 11am: Bike ride – Arco Torbole Riva + Lakefront Yoga – Varone (Shore) – reentry in Arco (Lydia and Roberto)
Village-stage: open from 9am-7pm
  • 11am: Shops event
  • 12pm: Meeting with with explorers/travelers
  • 3pm: Book presentation
  • 16pm: greetings

Every-day Special Event

THE BEST 4: Four events, one for each discipline, with great athletes for two categories: DISABLED and NON-DISABLED. Multisport activities organized by local agencies.

Arco Rock Star

Arco Rock Star is the international event dedicated to the climbing photography. Seven professionals and beginners team will compete in taking the best climbing photos on Arco’s mountains, the capital city in Europe for outdoor sports. Two days in which the teams, which are composed by a photographer and two/three athletes, will have to “search for” the best photograph, by capturing the athletic action (section: climb) and by showing everything there is around climbing (section: “around climbing”): the laughs, the journey, the sharing, the environment, the approach.

Remo Anzovino

Remo Anzovino, considered one of the most original composers on the pianists nation scenes by the critics, and is defined by the Sky Mag the “Van Gogh for the pianists 2.0” and will be the protagonist of a unique show in nature of Dolomites in Trento. Sunday, October 2nd at 6.30pm at the refuge San Pietro, the notes of his piano will accompany the sunset on Lake Garda. To get to the beautiful location on Mount Calino, within the Arciduca Park, Adventure Awards Days will also organize a guided trekking and an accompanied collective bike. A three hour journey, with a dedicated stop at the Arciduca Park for the yoga and then arrive at sunset at the refuge and enjoy the incredible atmosphere. At night you can sleep in the tents under the stars on the lawn in front of the shelter, or in the cozy rooms of the shelter (subject to availability).


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Adventure Awards Days

Arco – Garda Trentino 30th of September – 3rd of October 2016