Alberto Milani, born in 1980, has been climbing since he was 11, and since then he never stopped. From sport rock climbing to mountaineering then bouldering, which led his to participate at several national competitions, it has been a continuous research of his own personal psychological and physical limits in full communion with nature. 

An approach close to yoga’s philosophy. And so he began to also learn about this sport along with boulder and outdoor activities, then graduating in 2014 as a nationally and internationally recognized yoga instructor (CSEN and RYT200). Since then he does yoga courses and workshops also related to the outdoor sports, and has published the book about yoga and climbing “Versante Sud”. Besides these activities, in his life he devoted himself to the study of the properties of molecular materials, obtaining a degree and doctorate in material engineering from the Politecnico in Milan, where he now works as a researcher and as a professor.