Sta per tornare dil weekend degli Adventure Awards.
Il tempo sarà bellissimo, il vento ci sfiorerà il viso, e noi non vediamo l'ora di vedervi.

Cosa ci serve?
Una giacca perché siamo in montagna, delle scarpe per correre, delle scarpe per camminare.
Se volete anche le scape per arrampicare, perché siamo ad Arco.
Una borraccia, una macchina fotografica, una frontale, uno zainetti, un sorriso.

Gli appuntamenti sono tantissimi, vi aspettiamo!

Le “GoldenBeard 2018” a Simone Moro, Best Adventurer, a Jeremy Collins, Best Storyteller e a Jane Goodall, Environmental Award

The 2018 "Golden Beards" will go to Simone Moro, Best Adventurer, Jeremy Collins, Best Storyteller, and Jane Goodall, Environmental Award.

Moro will be on the Adventure Awards stage saturday evening, with Emilio Previtali. Jeremy Collins will present his way to tell his passion through art and illustration.


He is our illustrator this year.

He is also a story teller, activist, director and explorer of the vertical world.

His images are beautiful. His way of telling the world is extraordinary.

His look on nature, on the human being and it's feelings, is able to bring us back to beauty.

The one we sometimes believe we lost, the one we sometimes do not see anymore, because we know that sometimes life is also this.

It's another way of making exploration a matter of moments of amazement.

And remember to go back to being kids.

He will be with us at the Adventure Awards Days to receive the Best Storyteller award.


Emilio loves sports challenges and through sport he loves to inspire others. First of all, he is an athlete: a sports climber and a triathlete, a snowboarder and a long distance cyclist and he love high-altitude telemark. But he is also the editor of The North Face Story Teller, the TNF athletes directory, and was the founder and editor-in-chief of the Free Rider magazine. Because exploration for him has two sides: on one hand, the urge to overcome his limits and to live the adventure on his own skin; on the other hand the passion for sharing that leads him to tell his stories with images and words. For Emilio this is life: the emotion that comes when you reach something that was considered impossible, when a dream comes true.



A dreamer on a bicycle

I turned traveling by bicycle my life, the sky my roof and the world my home.

I wander around the planet, I know people, climb over boundaries and go around the system, I invent the route day by day without even daring to predict what will happen tomorrow. I crossed the highest mountains, the most fiery deserts and now the coldest lands on the planet. Today they call me "an extreme traveler" but I'm just a dreamer who has found the way to be really happy.

From the website:


Davide Grazielli, old enough to drive, to vote (including the Senate) and to pretend to be a mature person.

Physical residence eastern Liguria, imaginary residence somewhere in Nor Cal.

I share a home with my two cats. Disarmed surfer, disastrous climber, bad skier with senseless free rider pretensions: since running does not require any technique and / or coordination skills, I keep doing that. I run Ultra because it is the only sport where being moderately antisocial, sociopath and obsessive compulsive is welcome and encouraged. Willing to sell the soul for a run, a couple of laughs and a couple of pints.

Quartetto Berico

The Quartetto Berico will play the music of Ennio Morricone at sunset at the refuge San Pietro.

The Quartetto Berico, made up of very young musicians from Vicenza, stands out for the very low average age, which is something very unsual for chamber-music training.

It has been a parallel path of growth, both human and musical for these four musicians, which began several years ago at the Conservatory "A.Pedrollo" of Vicenza, and continued over time thanks to the sharing of important training experiences.


Practicing many sports (mountain running, climbing, ski mountaineering, mountain biking), she was looking for a way to improve and make sports activity easier for herself and for others. She approached yoga, with which she got to know her body and it's true functions better. She attended the school of Françoise Berlette and since then the approach to life in sport has completely changed!

Asanas have become an instrument through which to give the body the possibility to take on new forms and new patterns through a path of growth and body and mental awareness!

She carries on her activities in Arco and Dro at her facility, "un tempo per noi" (a time for us), a raw vegan B&B. At the Adventure Awards Days she will be with us for a session of YOGA FOR RUNNERS, and with the Padakriya (movements of the feet) will lead us to a purifying action.


Filippo Canetta ran his first race of trail running in 2008, discovering the pleasure of running in nature. Thanks to running has learned to appreciate all outdoor activities and to share the love of nature as a philosophy of the Trail Running. He lives and works in Milan but he trains in the forests of Brianza and on the mountains of Lecco. He has made numerous appearances at Trail and Ultra Trail races in Italy and around the world. In 2013, in addition to competitive activity, he is dedicated to the realization of somerediscovery projects and to develop nature through running around the area trying to establish some distance record on a given track. A supporter of the rediscovery of the Great Elba Crossing holds the new record.

Stefano Gregoretti

Stefano was born in Riccione in 1974 and is a triathlete ultrarunner. As a child he was frail, his back almost had scoliosis and had ugly orthopedic shoes. The sport recommended by all doctors was swimming, and his teacher still remembers him as a hopeless case. From an early age he started skiing, and he soon began to love skiing. He spent his youth between the mountains, the sea and the swimming pool, until in 2005 he starts approaching the triathlon, combining his challenging workouts with the competitions. Since then he has crossed continents, desert and mountains running. He manages the project Impossible2possible.

Marino Crisconio

Marino Crisconio works in the "Human Flight and Microgravity" Dep. of the Italian Space Agency. Born in Naples in 1968, he graduated in Aeronautical Engineering at the University Federico II and, later, he received his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering with a thesis on the Study of a New Remote Control System for Microgravity Experimentation on Board the International Space Station. After spending few years in a center for research on microgravity in Naples (the MARS Center), he arrived in ASI in 1998.

In his early years in ASI, he has been working in the field of small satellites, being involved in the projects MITA, PRIMA, HypSEO and AGILE (still on orbit).

Then he started working on the International Space Station: since 2006 he is in charge of the activities of sustaining engineering to the MPLM modules and, from 2011 - when, having been retired the Space Shuttle, they stopped flying - to the PMM module (one of three MPLM modules, Leonardo, left permanently attached to the ISS). He has been (or still is) responsible for 11 experiments that flew (or are going to fly) on the ISS in the frame of its Italian utilization. He is the responsible of the Italian payload ALTEA, on board the ISS from 2006 to 2015, and about to be re-launched on the occasion of the future mission of Paolo Nespoli.

He is delegate to some ISS Boards, advisor to the ESA Program Board Human Spaceflight, Microgravity and Exploration, and delegate to the International Space Exploration Coordination Group.

Since he married a woman from Cortina d’Ampezzo, he often goes on the Dolomites.

Marco Calzà

Marco was born in 1976 and during his teenage years he started going on mountain bikes, cross country skiing, climbing and trekking in the mountains with the SAT friends of Arco.
At the age of 18, during the visit of the driving license, the results arrive. Marco has an eye disease. He could become blind. His life proceeds normally, he finishes school, starts the military service and starts working in Trento.
The disease keeps going and he becomes blind.
Now that he's blind he started doing new things. Ski mountaineering in Norway and Iceland with his alpine guide Mauro Girardi.

Nora Serani

Class of 1984. Director, videomaker and teacher. Nature, adventure and travel lover. She loves seeing the world around her. She catches the beauty and shares it through images. 
She plays the violin. She is german and english mother tongue. She is our presenter during the Adventure Awards Days.