Sta per tornare dil weekend degli Adventure Awards.
Il tempo sarà bellissimo, il vento ci sfiorerà il viso, e noi non vediamo l'ora di vedervi.

Cosa ci serve?
Una giacca perché siamo in montagna, delle scarpe per correre, delle scarpe per camminare.
Se volete anche le scape per arrampicare, perché siamo ad Arco.
Una borraccia, una macchina fotografica, una frontale, uno zainetti, un sorriso.

Gli appuntamenti sono tantissimi, vi aspettiamo!

Le “GoldenBeard 2018” a Simone Moro, Best Adventurer, a Jeremy Collins, Best Storyteller e a Jane Goodall, Environmental Award

The 2018 "Golden Beards" will go to Simone Moro, Best Adventurer, Jeremy Collins, Best Storyteller, and Jane Goodall, Environmental Award.

Moro will be on the Adventure Awards stage saturday evening, with Emilio Previtali. Jeremy Collins will present his way to tell his passion through art and illustration.


The Jane Goodall Institute, which has long been committed to building a better future for animals, people and the environment, has promoted the mobile recycling campaign worldwide to allow each of us to contribute:
to reduce the accumulation of toxic waste, due to pollution of the environment in which we live;
to reduce the demand for coltan and tantalum that can be recovered from old devices no longer used and, consequently, to avoid the destruction of forests, habitats of chimpanzees in danger of extinction;
to support, with the proceeds from recycled cell phones, the medical, food and school expenses of orphans living at "The Child's Home of Sanganigwa" in Tanzania, an ambitious educational and global project, to ensure that Sanganigwa's guests become prepared and autonomous individuals, active citizens and promoters of development in their territory.
The JGI Italy has started collecting mobile phones with an appeal to all of us citizens. Cell phones collected are sent to a company that recycles minerals and metals. The proceeds from the campaign help fund educational projects of the Jane Goodall Institute.

Anyone with a cell phone to discard can participate in this project of conservation of chimpanzees and their habitat by bringing it the night of the Adventure Awards Night.


We are happy that also this year we renew the collaboration with a brand such as AKU Trekking & Outdoor Footwear, which makes ethical and authentic love for Nature its own company philosophy.
"We do not want to think that those who buy our products are a consumer of goods. We like to believe that it is the conscious user of an authentic and functional product. An ethically correct product, is an expression of a concrete value destined to last over time".
The synergies in which we believe are these, which arise from the same glance on the world.

Arco Rock Star- Second edition


The second edition of Arco Rock Star,

the climbing photography contest,

awards its 2017 winners



The territory of Garda Trentino, one of the world's climbing capitals, has hosted for two days 7 professional photographers from four European countries and 12 amateur photographers challenged eachother searching for the best photograph.


The diversity and beauty of the territory and it's mountains inspired the beautiful photographs, that, with great effort, the jury (composed by Emilio Previtali, Nicholas Hobley, editor of PlanetMountain, the photographer Harald Withaler and the staff of Adventure Awards Days) had to judge and select in order to give out the prizes made available by EpicTV, Ferrino, Rock Slave and the cash prizes of 500 euros for the first place in the OPEN category and 1500 euros for the winner of the PRO category.


The first place is the PRO category goes to the photographer and climber Giovanni Danieli, awarded for his ability to tell the spirit of climbing and at the same time to represent the athletic gesture in harmony with the territory and the landscape. In his team there were Giovanni Zaccaria and Carlo Cosi.


The second place goes to Alex Buisse from France, third is Federico Ravassard.



The first place in the OPEN category goes to Graziano Galvagni, awarded primarily for his creativity as well as for the quality of the two presented photographs.


The awards ceremony took place during the Adventure Awards Night, the concluding night of the Adventure Awards Days, the International Festival of Adventure and Exploration, which was held on Sunday evening at Palazzo Marchetti in Arco in front a great crowd and the guests of the festival, Manolo, Michele Evangelisti, and in front of the Best Adventurer and Best Storyteller 2017 - Francesco Sauro and Robbie Shone.


Arco Rock Star’s photos, thanks to the partnership with Elle-Erre, will become an Traveling Exhibit.


Link PRO photos:








Worn Wear Tour of Patagonia

After the great success achieved last year, with 7 countries visited and over 2000 items repaired, Patagonia's European Worn Wear tour returns to Italy.

The initiative promoted by the outdoor brand is a real "on the road" mission to encourage people not to throw their clothes away just because they are broken or torn.

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April at the Village of the Adventure Awards Days, enthusiasts and customers can reach the Station Worn Wear where the specialized staff will offer free repairs of zippers, buttons, torn fabrics and more, of any brand, also providing valuable advice on how to adjust jackets, trousers and sweaters independently.

"Creating a product that can last over time and that can be repaired is the first and most important step towards a concrete limitation of our environmental footprint" underlines Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia.

Nothing is more important and equally effective than extending the life of our clothes to the maximum. The simple act of making our clothes last longer, repairing them when necessary, allows you not to buy new ones, thus avoiding the generation of CO² emissions, the production of waste, and the consumption of water associated with the cycles production of the textile sector. The Worn Wear program celebrates the stories we wear through the clothing that accompanies us in our adventures, helping to keep them in action longer.

Just think that, keeping in circulation what we wear for another nine months, we can reduce the CO2 emissions, waste and water consumption by about 20-30%, and this only by discarding fewer things .

Because Better Than New.

20 - 22 April, the Adventure Awards Days will be back in Garda Trentino.

Adventure Awards Days, the international festival of exploration will be back from the 20th to the 22nd of April 2018 in Arco and Garda Trentino for it's seventh edition.

The Adventure Days Awards are first of all an opportunity to share a passion for traveling, for nature and for a different lifestyle.
Three days of experiences to live, stories to see and hear, friends to drink a beer with, dreams to imagine and adventures to organize together.
Arco and the most suggestive corners of the Garda Trentino area will be the privileged stage of a rich program of events.

Three days of meetings with explorers, films, workshops,
concerts at high altitudes with the music of Morricone and experiences in nature.

The guests: Simone Moro, Jeremy Collins, Jane Goodall, Nico Favresse, Emilio Previtali, Dino Lanzaretti, Jakub “Kuba” Rybicki, Valentina Miozzo, Valeria Mosca, Igor D’India and many others

Arco Rock Star 2017 - TEAM PRO

We are happy to announce the PRO photographers who will participate at Arco Rock Star 2017.

An occasion to talk about outdoors and disabilities.

With Mauro Tomasi, Francesco Favettini, Marco Calzà, Alessandro Avigliano and ASD Dolomiti Open.

Bike, run and walks in the woods, yoga, hiking, climbing: there are many o"outdoor" activities that you can do outside enjoying the beauty of nature. A lifestyle that fascinates more and more people and, thanks to modern technology, the local support and the spirit of wonderful people, there are also opportunities for the disabled. At the Adventure Awards Days, the international festival of adventure and exploration, we will talk about this.
Saturday at 5:30 p.m. on stage of the Village at Piazza Segantini there will be Mauro Tomasi, Francesco Favettini, Marco Calzà and Alessandro Avigliano that will share their experience and tell us how a disability can not be a limit.

"We do not know what the future holds, but whatever it is, you smile at life and move on."


Sunday 23rd of April at the Adventure Awards Night will be awarded the Best Adventurer and Best Storyteller 2017.

  • BEST ADVENTURER Francesco Sauro, the man who made the underground exploration his life. Speologist who holds courses for the astronauts at the Italian Space Agency. For the Times he is one of the 10 Next Generation Leaders. He will be with us to give a voice to the depths of the earth.
  • BEST STORYTELLER Robbie Shone, Robbie Shone, cave explorer and photographer. Robbie is one of the best cave photographers in the world. He sees what your eyes can't see. He works for the National Geographic and has photographed the largest and unknown caves in the world.
    Hanging from a rope, he photographed 200 meters below our feet in the depths of the earth. He explored the end of a 189 km-long cave and spent 94 hours in the underground.
    He's also a landscape and wildlife photographer.

Adventure Awards Days 2017

The Adventure Awards Days are back in Garda Trentino from the 21st to the 23rd of April.
The international festival of adventure and exploration.

Our life needs to be chosen, every day. And this is a good way to start choosing.
It will be an opportunity to feel a more real world. Drinking a beer with great explorers, running in the woods with great athletes, pedaling with someone who has traveled all over the world, listening to stories, observe a moment and take a picture of it, learn, observe and share a passion. It's not the extreme sports, nor a performance or a race. Adventure is an experience for everyone, the outdoors is inspiration and exploration is the desire to see the world through different eyes.

AAD 2016 - The Location

Garda Trentino is a world of water, rocks and nature with a Mediterranean scent embedded in a ring of beautiful mountains. A destination capable of attracting for the quality of the structures, the variety of the offer, prestigious events and especially the opportunity to practice at best and in the safety of Outdoor disciplines: the perfect place for an event like this.

The heart of the festival will be Arco but the appointments will involve all the beautiful scenery of Garda Trentino, from Rifugio Altissimo to Rifugio San Pietro, from Lake Garda to the Marocche di Dro. In each place, visitors can experience the thrill of a new experience in the heart of nature.