The Jane Goodall Institute, which has long been committed to building a better future for animals, people and the environment, has promoted the mobile recycling campaign worldwide to allow each of us to contribute:

to reduce the accumulation of toxic waste, due to pollution of the environment in which we live;

to reduce the demand for coltan and tantalum that can be recovered from old devices no longer used and, consequently, to avoid the destruction of forests, habitats of chimpanzees in danger of extinction;

to support, with the proceeds from the recycled cell phones, the food, school and costs of orphans living at “The Child’s Home of Sanganigwa” in Tanzania, an ambitious global and educational project to ensure that the Sanganigwa guests become prepared, autonomous and active citizens and promoters of the development in their territory.

The JGI Italy has started collecting mobile phones with an appeal to us citizens. The collected cell phones are sent to a company which recycles minerals and metals. The proceeds from the campaign will help fund educational projects of the Jane Goodall Institute.

Anyone who has a cell phone to discard can participate in this project of conservation of chimpanzees and their habitat by bringing it the night of the Adventure Awards Night.