Guests of past editions


Giuseppe was born in 1966 in Aosta. Employee at the Courmayeur Mont Blanc cable cars with the role of the director of the slopes. He has always been practicing sports: nordic skiing, downhill alpine skiing, cycling and, since 2007, he does trail and ultra trail. Since 2013 he is part of the Team Grivel.


Mountaineer and traveler as a passion, she works as an independent filmmaker and collaborates with travel magazines as a journalist and photographer. By choice she often travels alone because this is the only way to really become part of the community. In 2015 she made her first feature-film “Sui miei passi, viaggio nell’altro Afghanistan” (“On my steps, traveling the other Afghanistan”), the story of two winter months spent alone with the last Kyrgyz nomads of the Afghan Pamir.


Alex Bellini is an adventurer, keynote speaker and mental coach.
In the past 10 years he has ran more than 23,000 km, but he doesn't consider himself a runner. He rowed in solitary more than 35,000km but he doesn't consider himself a rower. He has lived in compete isolation for more than 560 days, but he doesn't consider himself a lone adventurer.
In the first place, Alex defines himself an explorer of the human nature and through the adventure, Alex explorer the most hidden parts of himself.
He is the co-founder of The 5th Element Ltd, an english society offers services of motivational speaking and sports coaching.


Matteo collects and writes stories for the TV, the theater and the radio. He did it for Radio24 and he still does it for Radio2. He created and leads the story show “Don’t tell my mom” which is on air every first Monday of the month in Milan.


Danilo is a professional mountaineer and a big fan of extreme sports.
In each of his adventures there is the desire to combine mountaineering to other extreme outdoor disciplines: endurance race, bike, ski, skydiving, swimming. For him this is exploration.


Stephanie Case is a human rights lawyer, competitive ultra runner and the founder of Free to Run.
She now works for the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Gaza.


Cani Sciolti ( Loose Dogs) is a collective born in the shady forests of the lower Valtellina.
Cani Sciolti love the mountains, homemade alcohol and great pictures.
Cani Sciolti don’t know what they are doing and they fail regularly.
Cani Sciolti continuously seek for new friends and new closed roads.
Cani Sciolti have a god and they always pray.


He is one of the most important Italian freelance photographers, adventurer, climber. He has recently started to develop his skills as a director and movie editor. As a filmmaker he has had excellent results with conferences and international film festivals and his images have been published in all the major sports magazines. At the Adventure Awards he will present his Smog15.


Guido Foddis is a conductor, actor, reporter, corresponder and a song writer and he has always been passionate about music and cycling. Eclectic artist, he invented the format of the interview-rap musical, to talk about sports, adventures and explorations with his ironic and epic touch all together.


The man who did the journey of Marco Polo by bicycle, discovering, from country to country, that the strongest weapon is the smile. This is why he loves to define himself as #smilingterrorist.


Singer, guitarist, writer, actor and also university professor, Cristiano is the leader and founder of Marlene Kuntz and one of the strongest voices of the Italian rock.


Nicolò Giraldi started walking because he wanted to, because he couldn't stand to stay still. So, he decided to take a journey, he decided to go from London to Trieste by foot. Two months. His project is called Giro nella storia (Tour in History) and he tells in his own way the memory of the Great War.


Stefano was born in Riccione, and between his races he is an agronomist. He does alpine skiing, swimming and is a great athlete. His great passion is the triathlon and ultrarunning. He has a great body, a free spirit, and always has a great smile on his lips.


Paolo Ramazzi is a free ride blackcountry athlete and a mountain climber of Sondrio, he is a student of viticulture and oenology. He dedicated his life to the mountain world, and now he also dedicates himself to writing. At the Adventure Awards he will present Smog2015.


A versatile actor and author, Davide Lorino graduated from Scuola del Teatro Stabile of Genoa. He works for the theater, television and cinema. Director, author and performer of "Racconto dell'isola sconosciuta" ("The Story of the Unknown Island"), based on the novel by José Saramago, the national premiere will be in Livigno.


Professional freelance photographer since 2010 and he's one of the founders of the photo agency Clickalps. He's a sports and mountain lover and he mainly deals with outdoor photography. From landscapes to sports events to the adventures and the sunrises at high altitudes.


Passionate of the mountains, alpinist, cyclist, and since a few years, a trail runner. Today he is the finisher of some of the main trails in the world (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Tor des Geants, Diagonale des Fous). He is part of the team Grivel.


Photographer, works with magazines like Meridiani Montagne, Conde Nast Traveller, Viajes, NatGeo. He created and is the president of the photo agency ClickAlps, in which, along with other activities, he's the photographic technique teacher during trips abroad and photographic workshops.


Eleanor Moseman is an American photojournalist, storyteller and adventurer who has accomplished numerous solo adventures over the past few years while producing humanitarian photo projects and empowering women throughout the world.


He graduated in ISEF from the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore and one day he decided that instead of taking psychotropic drugs it would be better to go on a bike. And that's what he did.Today he directs PA cyclist, Project Adventure, which organizes trips on a bike around the wold, the Mongolia Bike Challenge and Eroica Spagna "Eroic Spain".