I like short stories because they leave no room to hide. The author can’t pull himself out of trouble with the chatter: in just a few minutes I will reach the last page, and if the author has nothing to say, I will realize it. I like stories because they are usually set in the present, or at least in a period of time still alive in the memory.

Jonathan Franzen

A nice workshop on the use of social media, where the two most interesting things that they will say to you is to summarize everything in 140 characters-or less- and to put your contents online on Friday. Or on Monday, by noon.
Or a nice workshop where we talk about communication together with storytelling, without distinctions. PR. Social media marketing. Construction of the personal brand. The use of hashtags and cross-media communication. All together, in a good soup. All of this in an adventurous way. We will be in Livigno for the Adventure Award Days. Now we need a title. A badass title. “Communicating adventure in the era of the social media”. It could work. Or, “Action sports and social media. How to narrate the sport and mountaineering challenge through the web” for example. We should be able to fit in somewhere in the title the words “adrenaline” and “marketing”. There, this is the workshop that we won’t do.

We will take care of S T O R I E S. Little stories and big stories. Bad stories and beautiful stories. However, stories. Everyone will tell their own, we will try to take it out of the dust and mud, we will find it on the paths or at the base of the cliffs. On the street. Riding a bike, looking around or just trying to remember.

We will try to direct our gaze. To observe. To understand what the stories are and how they work, how to build and narrate them, how they get into us. We will analyze the two opposite trends that are developing on the web: on one hand the news in a nutshell, the instantaneous image and the tagline, on the other hand the long journalism, with long articles that bring to light aspects and meanings not always and not only related to the main theme.

You don’t have to be an author in order to attend the workshop. In fact, it’s better if you are not. Just be writers with a pair of comfortable shoes on. Once we focused on the stories we will try to diminish them to a post on Facebook, to a text on a blog, in a caption for Instagram or to a short story to be put on paper. Or to a Tweet. And for those who want, the next day we will go on.

We will have fun. To tell, to write and to be told.


THURSDAY 24th OF JULY Workshop 1- Making the stories

How stories come to life, grow and reproduce
From 9 am to 6 pm
Morning: I say.
Afternoon: Workshop. Bring a pencil and a notebook
Late afternoon: You say.


FRIDAY 25th OF JULY Workshop 2- Little stories grow

From story to story. How small stories become small films, short videos, small cross-media narrations.
From 9 am to 6 pm
Morning: Work in the room
Afternoon: Workshop and story show

Costs: €80 for Thursday, €150 for both days.